Beach Hats

We are aware of how important it is to wear a UPF hat these days, and that is why we can proudly say we stock the most favoured brand in South Africa – Emthunzini. Endorsed by Cansa, Emthunzini hats are UPF 50+ and has over 9 different styles. At Matchbox you will find the style that enhances your outfit, face or hair.

Matchbox Trading Store Beach Hats
Matchbox Beach Toys

Beach Toys

The endless pleasure that beach toys can bring to a family in the sun is priceless. Being your one-stop shop for the Beach, we stock various beach games and toys to entertain the whole family in the sun. From buckets to bats, balls, frisbees and much more.

Beach Towels

A beach towel is one of the most important must-have items and lucky for you we also sell them at Matchbox. Seeing that we like to make things special at Matchbox, we also stock Turkish towels. Absorbing more water, made of unique Turkish cotton as well as becoming softer and fluffier the more you wash it. If you are looking for the usual texture towel, we’ve got those too.

Matchbox Beach Towels
Matchbox Beach accessories

Beach Accessories

With Bondi Blue UV sunglasses, your handpicked beach-bag, protective sunscreen, Havaianas, Emthunzini UPF 50+ hat, Turkish towel and beach mat, you are set for a perfect Beach day. Even if you need After Sun, Matchbox is still your one-stop Shop for the Beach. Buy your beach bag, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, towel and beach mat at Matchbox. We also stock hammocks if you’d like to take a nap while listening to the crashing waves.


‘There is no such thing as too many pairs of sunglasses.’ – Samantha August. Bondi Blue provides a variety in style, colours and shapes. Every personality and every outfit can find at least one pair of sunglasses to match. We even stock polarised sunglasses to make sure your eyes stay protected.

Matchbox Sunglasses
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